Fresh Newborn Sleeper


Comfortable, breathable, soft cotton for a Fresh newborn in three different color prints.


Product Description

When a newborn baby joins us, everyone has a different phrase or saying: earthside, arrived, welcomed the list goes on.  Lively Apparel says FRESH!

Fresh is the smell of a baby, starting the new experience of being a parent or welcoming another sibling to the family.  Regardless of what happens it is always a time to start over with a newborn.

Take advantage of these Fresh newborn sleepers for those late night diaper changes or when baby needs to let those cute little legs breathe.  The newborn size Bella+Canvas sleepers feature sewn in gloves, protecting that precious face from small, flailing arms.  Printed in Platinum, Scuba Blue or Strawberry Ice.  Sizing is generous for newborns of all sizes!