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Our Story starts out with a bag of random colored onesies, many of which we are using in this, our first printing! With this in mind, as you browse our shop, some designs may have odd sizes and be in small numbers. This is one of the things that makes opening a business fun and daunting. What happens if a design and color is more popular than the 3 we have stocked?


We can always print more. It takes time though. Not a long time, but maybe  2-3 weeks to get it done. If there is a design in a color, but not size, and we will work on making it happen! Without further ado briefly meet our first set of designs:

Young Wild FreeRoyal Young Wild Free, Livley Apparel Designs

From the time they first roll over until they no longer fit into that favorite onesie (the 12+ month size that is) they are Young Wild Free. They might as well be living in the clouds with all the energy and excitement they have discovering many things for the first time: toes, fingers, pets, food, colors and toys!  The designs capture the essence of that Young Wild Free stage for our babies!


Earthside? New? Just born? At Lively Apparel we say FRESH! The smell, the feel of a newborn is comforting, provided they are not hungry. That is a different story. New life is quite exciting and a time of joy. Yes, the first few days can be difficult, but overall it is a wonderful experience of having a “Fresh” baby around.  The simple nature of the designs is made to focus on the new baby and keep them comfortable in the process.Lively

Toddlers will Always Be You, Lively Apparel Designs

Be You

The toddler years are about self-discovery. Let them discover themselves and what it means to “Be You”! A toddler learns what happens when they touch a hot pan and how to use the potty (take that diaper producers)! Everyday is an even greater adventure as they begin walking and talking. What is even more scary, they understand more of what is happening around them, they know when it rains or when they door opens. At times, however toddlers can easily want what their brother/sister has or mom/dad. Here they need to remember to be themselves and have fun. Be You a motto for toddlers!